The Company has recently launched an innovative technology which helps to keep the lead acid batteries free from sulfation and hence extends its life up to its natural death. These also help us a lot to reduce toxic recycling and disposals of used batteries and keep our environment clean. The lead acid batteries are widely used over the world and are a proven mean of storage of electricity since decades.

Safety of Hydrogen Generator
Hydrogen is extremely volatile and flammable, it is three times more potent than unleaded gasoline. There are many companies selling HHO Hydrogen Generators throughout the internet...Read More

We Gaurented our Products

100% Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee when installed by a FuelfromH2o Certified technician: All of our HHO Hydrogen Generators are covered by our 100% 1 year product warrantee Satisfaction Guarantee.

Hydro Power
As a result of endless and continuous efforts of Euthenics Energy Solutions R&D Team, we have succeeded to develop a practical device that produces hydrogen on board a vehicle and helps to ripe the benefits of the technology without any compromise in performance of the vehicle.
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Power Plus
Use These to Increase The Life of Your Battery Sulphating is a common cause of battery failure. Reviver is a useful product for increasing your battery’s life span.Euthenics Energy Solution is the first in India to launch battery life enhancer product based on the proven and innovative internationally adopted pulse technology. PowerPlus™ provides a highly advanced solution for enhancing Lead-Acid battery life: Read More

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